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Lawman Bass Club Inc.


 Roosevelt Lake Tournament

 August 8, 2020


Congratulations the top 4 finishers.



# Fish

Total Weight


Milburn & Milburn

5 14.92


Grimm & Wilson

5 12.22


Brown & Rojas 4a1d 11.79


Cheeley & Parrish 5 10.87


The following are the top 4 finishers strategies: 

1st Place Team: Milburn & Milburn

We started off fishing main points in 25-35 feet of water. As
the sun came up we tried top water without success but managed to get three bass in 15 minutes each weighing about 2.5 lbs using drop shot. Those were also in 25 feet of water. We got a couple of fish on a Texas-rigged craw. Jonathan got his big fish off a main point using drop shot - ox blood 4.5 inch curly tail.


2nd Place Team: Grimm & Wilson

Mark and I started out throwing drop shots and picked up 5 rats pretty fast, we left that area due to the size of those fish. Moved over to some main lake and secondary points and picked up some bigger fish using Texas and Carolina rigs, we upgraded all 5 fish. Mark got into a spot that was holding even bigger fish. He was catching them so fast I was seriously culling his fish for 20-25 minutes and didn’t even get to fish, it was a crazy feeding frenzy I haven’t seen in years. Once that bite went away, we bounced around to 3-4 different spots and only upgraded once. All fish were caught between 5 and 35 feet of water.

3rd Place Team: Brown & Rojas

Rich caught our first fish on a jig about 4:30 am by Shelter Island. Then we moved around by the points at Badger Ramp, no luck. Moved over to Bass Point and picked up a couple of fish. Then started working the south, west and north areas of Rock Island and picked up the rest of our fish. Caught a total of 17 fish. Most fish were caught on drop shot around 25 feet deep. Nightcrawler colors were working best. Caught our 3.04 smallie on Rock Island.

4th Place Team: Cheeley & Parrish

This tournament Kevin saved our team by catching all of our keepers. He had it going early with the drop shot and the purple worm. I kept them honest by throwing everything else, cranking, Texas rig, Carolina rig, Neko and top water, but it all came back to just my net skills. We got our bag all within the same 50yd stretch. We moved around, but didn't upgrade from anywhere else. Kind of a tough day for us with a total of maybe ten fish. 

Sorry no pictures guys..