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Lawman Bass Club Inc.


 Roosevelt Lake Tournament

June 13, 2020


Congratulations the top 4 finishers.



# Fish

Total Weight


Grimm & Wilson

5 12.52


Shinabarger & Salmon

5 11.85


Milburn & Milburn 5 10.59


Cheeley & Parrish 5 10.15


The following are the top 4 finishers strategies:


1st Place Team: Grimm / Wilson

Mark and I started out throwing crank baits, chatter baits, flukes, frogs, drop shot, and Texas rigged baits. On the second cast Mark picked up the 3.73 pounder, we stayed in that location for about and hour and picked up a bunch of small fish. Then moved over to the Windy Hill cove area for about an hour and picked up a few bigger fish. Then we moved over to the Sally Mae points and picked up and culled a few fish. We bounced back and forth to those three locations up until about 11:00 then moved over by the dam area banks. We picked up and upgraded one fish there. Then we got the call from Ryan at about 11:30 and took off towards him. Most of our fish came off drop shot, Texas rigs, and other variety of plastics and colors. We were fortunate during the day and caught fish everywhere we went, only one fish was caught after the sun went down. Most fish were in 10-20 feet of water.

2nd Place Team: Shinabarger / Salmon

We caught most of our fish fishing drop shot, shaky head, or jig fishing outside edges of the brush. Only caught one fish after dark on a Neko rig. All fish caught shallow 10 ft or less.

3rd Place Team: Milburn / Milburn

We started out using drop shot and throwing 10 inch worms in 20 feet and got our second biggest fish. We then ran some shallower water and picked up our biggest fish and the rest of our limit. Once the sun went down we were unable to catch anything of size and were unable to cull any fish

4th Place Team: Cheeley / Parrish

We started throwing reaction baits. One guy throwing a spinner bait and the other a crank bait. No luck with either one. Then went to a main lake point with drop shot and Neko rig. When we left that point we had three small keepers. Next point was where we got the big fish on a drop shot and another good one on Tokyo rig. Our last stop we went with big Texas rigged worms and managed to get another good keeper and culled out our smallest fish. After 8:30 we had couple more bites, but did not boat another fish.