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Lawman Bass Club Inc.


 Bartlett Lake Tournament

July 11, 2020


Congratulations the top 4 finishers.



# Fish

Total Weight


Kelly & Strickland

5 10.80


Cheely & Parrish

5 10.39


Hengsteler & Hengsteler 5 9.29


Williamson & Williamson 5 9.15


The following are the top 4 finishers strategies:

1st Place Team: Kelly/ Strickland

Randy and I had a starting spot and an ending spot where  we were going to stay till it was time to head in.  We had 5 fish our first hour and a half of the tournament, about 5lbs.  We went to our end spot and hour before dark and went to work.  All of our fish were caught on drop shot except for one fish, it was caught with a skaky head with a black worm.  Drop shot colors used were Mean Green, Tangerine, June Bug, Zombie Green.  Big fish came at 9:30pm and last fish came at around 11:00pm.

2nd Place Team: Cheely/Parrish

Kevin got us our first fish throwing the drop shot with a purple rob worm.  He then boated 3 more little guys before I finally got our 5th fish which was probably the smallest of the 5.  All were caught on drop shot anywhere from 10-20 ft of water on main lake points.  Once the wind died down we were able to really slow down and I culled us up with my best fish of the evening, again on drop shot.  After dark Kevin got the rest of our keepers throwing the Tokyo rig on the same main lake points in about 20 ft of water.  With the bites being few and far between we just could not cull out the last of our small fish.  We threw a lot of different baits, but the drop shot and the Tokyo rig were the only two working for us.

No picture..

3rd Place Team: Hengsteler/Hengsteler

We started throwing drop shot and jigs on the dam side of the lake and picked up a few fish, one just over two pounds.  When the wind started to get bad, we hid in the back of a cove and pick up a few small fish with no help to our totals.  After the storm started to calm down we made a run upriver to an island by the far boat ramp.  We fished the main lake side of the island where we picked up quite few fish on jigs and drop shot.  We then moved to the points this side of the boat ramp where we stayed the rest of the night.  The bite slowed down for us at dark, but we did manage to catch two more fish on drop shot which culled our last small fish.

4th Place Team: Williamson/Williamson

Threw crankbaits before dark, then switched to jigs at night.  Most fish were caught on the deep points in 15 to 20 ft of water.

No picture..